Tremblement de Terre 2011

As I completed this note we were hit by the earth quake. A terrible one. We still are under shock.

It was a terrible experience for all of us and its a miracle that we are alive today. We had continuous rain for almost a week. That made the things worse. Our Hostel girls are under terrible shock. They just don’t want to go back to their dormitory and study hall where they experienced the tremor on Sunday. Weather has not improved much. We are still having dull weather. We hope that the tremor won’t come back.The tremor has damaged both our Primary, High School buildings and Hostel.

There are huge cracks on beams and columns. Walls too have been damaged due to big cracks. The Primary building specially the ground floor, looks unusable. We have a fear that another tremor may bring the building down completely. So we have emptied the school building and temporarily we are holding classes in Mid-Day meal kitchen and store room.


There is a huge crack in front of the Hostel (Convent) building. Fortunately it has not touched the main building but there is every chance of the building coming down as and when heavy rains come. In the hostel we have 50 girls from Class III to XII, 3 Staff members, and 7 Sisters.


Please keep us in your prayers. The fear has entered our system. We have not been able to sleep at night. We just dread the darkness. God is our only hope. Let us surrender to his divine will.

Sr. Edel, SJC
St. Michael’s H S School,
Darjeeling. 734104